How Effective is Your Fitness Program

The Internet is full of information on how to exercise, what to eat and what food supplements to take. People tend to ask me very often to evaluate some of the new workout programs they have found somewhere on the internet. Disregarding the fact that usually these fitness regimes are not consistent with the objectives and the particular individuals, my direct question is: Did the program give you any results? The common answer I get is: I do not know!

It seems to me that it is very hard for some people to see whether a specific program brings them the results they have been longing for. Usually people really do not know whether a program is effective. There is no greater loss than seeing that all the efforts, time, and money you have invested in something shows no effect whatsoever. You would not have worked a whole month for example if you knew that you would not receive any salary, right? Why then would somebody follow a diet and exercise hard for months without a real result?

Actually, most of the people know what they want to achieve when they first cross the threshold of the gym. They have their real goals and dreams, they know how exactly they want to look and this keeps them motivated daily. But how to find out how effective your work out program is?

When I ask people how they measure their progress, the responses I get vary from "none,"  "I look at myself in the mirror," and "I weigh myself."

All the three answers are equally unacceptable with respect to the assessment of progress. Visual changes reflected in the mirror would not happen over a night, you would need at least several weeks to see any visual changes and during this process you must know if you are moving in the right direction. The weight scale will not show whether the pounds/kilograms you are losing or gaining are muscle mass or fat. Then what should we do?

A really good tool for measurement your progress is a flexible ruler. By measuring the circumference of different parts of the body and brain pills compare them with the weight, we can get a real idea of whether we are on the right track with pursuing our fitness goals. A plastic ruler can show us whether we lose more fat or muscle. Measurements should be made every two weeks, in order for changes to take place.

But what happens if there is no change? Measuring the results would certainly not guarantee us that we would experience any effect from a program. Sometimes other subjective factors can stumble you on your way to the top, but what is the most important is that we learn that the road we took was not the right one. Therefore, a specific program we have been using lately might not bring any success and we need to make some adjustments in order to be satisfied with the results. And of course it is better to know that after two weeks in order to take timely action, rather than lose months and witness no real results.

So do not be afraid to take the right steps, even if the outcome does not satisfy you. Do not perceive the lack of good results from a specific program as a defeat. You should simply take a good lesson from it and continue forward by trying something else that would probably work better for you.

Of course you can look on your own for good workout programs, fitness exercises, and healthy eating, or let me be your navigator in the world of healthy life. You can always get in touch with me by leaving a comment here, or simply keep track of our daily updates on this blog.

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