Bianchi Camaleonte

Browsing through the range of hybrid bikes available in the market, you will probably ask yourself whether the suspension options offered by various models are worth considering. Indeed some makers do not really offer the option. Ranges such as the Bianchi Camaleonte or Specialized Sirrrus are aimed primarily at the more road-going fraternity. That said, what are the choices actually on offer?

Fundamentally there are two types of module – front suspension forks and suspension seatposts. A hybrid bike will not have the rear suspension found on most mountain bikes. They are not designed for the severe off-road use that a mountain bike will have to cope with.

Front Suspension Forks

Without doubt suspension forks are the most widely fitted suspension modules on hybrids. Coil-spring operated, they have a travel of around 50-60mm.

The basic package can be improved – depending on price of course. One of the best features to watch out for is “lockout”. This enables the legs to be fixed. This is great for cycling on smooth surfaces and means that the suspension does not soak up pedalling energy.

Scott is well known for fitting this type of fork to its bikes, so if you ...